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Intern Industrial Logistics and Methods (f/m/d)

StageReimsPubliée le 07/02/2024
The Production & Integration department guides development teams in the production and industrialization of the launcher, steering the company towards serial production and the achievement of economic objectives through the optimization of production processes. This internship aligns with the ongoing project to structure processes initiated since the company's establishment at the Neuvillette site in Reims and the adoption of software solutions, including Coswin, especially for inventory management (CMMS).

As an intern in the Production and Integration department, you will enjoy a diverse role, engaging in tasks that span across industrial logistics and methods. You will work closely with the workshop manager and gain hands-on experience.

Your tasks:
• Drafting purchase orders and monitoring orders: Ensure accuracy and timeliness of purchase orders while maintaining effective communication with suppliers.
• Handling receptions and reception checks: Supervise goods receiving operations, verify product compliance, and manage inventory.
• Prepare PLA (plastic) prints, ensure print launches, and follow-ups: Participate in the process of preparing, launching, and monitoring prints using PLA (plastic) technology.
• Ensure compliance of Latitude factory based on anomalies reported by employees: Collaborate with employees to address anomalies and implement solutions to ensure compliance.
• Implement a lean-type good practice process for workshop organization: Develop and implement a 5S-type system to optimize efficiency and organization in the workshop.
• Monitor the implementation of the calibration process for control means on software: Collaborate with teams to ensure the implementation and monitoring of the calibration process for control equipment.
• Transfer store management from Excel to software: Coordinate the transfer of store management operations to a more efficient software system.
Preferred Skills:
We are looking for a student currently enrolled in a degree program or training related to Quality, Industrial Logistics, Supply Chain, and Organization, with the following skills:
• Knowledge in quality management and logistics processes.
• Ability to work independently and take initiative.
• Strong interest in industrial operations and the implementation of best practices.
• Organizational skills and problem-solving aptitude.
• Proficient in computer tools and management software (Coswin)